Energy and Utility industry plays a key role in the global economy. However, the industry has been facing consistent pressure from due to the rise in fossil fuel prices and government regulations and policies for tackling climate change and emissions. To satisfy the growing needs of the industry, it’s important to develop advanced business models and alternative sources of energy complying with the mandatory safety, environmental and regulatory norms.
Innovative technology solutions for energy and utilities can help you address the complexities of consumption while creating new revenue opportunities. At Aadrika Global, we partner with oil and gas producers, distributors and retailers, responding to the dramatic development of the oil and gas industry.

Aadrika Global possess deep industry knowledge and expertise and offers comprehensive and acumen business solutions to the leading companies across the globe. Our services include:

Sales Management, Meter Operations

Customer Service, Customer

Supply Chain Management, Finance

Spend Management

Customer acquisition

Service order management

Our Technology

Aadrika Global facilitate the Energy and Utility companies to effectively manage their customer’s expectations by focusing on their core activities while re-evaluating the non- core activities that can be successfully outsourced. Our technology services include: