Aadrika Global is a leading company offering world-class, industry-specific business processes and technology solutions to enterprises across the globe. We bring together technology, expertise, innovation, comprehensive and customized solutions to cater the requirements of our clients globally. The company strives to offer inimitable services without any glitch to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Our approach is distinctive and we help our clients become more competitive by making their enterprises more efficient. Our team has gathered significant expertise of specialized work with hundreds of companies. We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who manages global operations in different countries including the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and India.

Our Values

People First

It takes great people to do great business. Our people are the source of our unique expertise and why we’ve designed a home that inspires the curious mind. The care of our people and culture is our highest priority. We nurture and learn from every team member. We do this to create a leading company and breakthrough results for our clients.

Advance Together

Relationships are at the core of advancing business. We build every relationship on trust and honesty so our clients can always rely on us as both advisor and ally. We design our relationships to be genuine, not just to be great partners but also to enable growth that is both measurable and meaningful for our clients.

Think + Do

All too often in our industry we see resources wasted on strategies that are never put to work. We created Acquis to change that. We help our partners create new ways to think about their business, but we don’t stop there. We see projects through and help implement ideas, turning them into lasting business value.

Our Approach

At Aadrika, every one of our engagements is viewed as a partnership requiring a strong foundation from the very start. We seek to understand first, so your challenges become our challenges and, in turn, opportunities for resolution. We keep execution in perspective while helping you create strategies and design solutions. We think about sustainable solutions that fit your needs.We work with you to create the clear path to success. We continue to listen to you and your team, but objectively challenge the priorities and identify risks.Then we roll up our sleeves to do the work. We help you establish the right pace and rhythm while continually tracking and

measuring status and progress. We will know when the team needs to adjust to changing business conditions. At Aadrika, we do more than deliver success. In transferring ownership of the solution, we work to elevate and empower your organization with a capacity and ambition for continuous improvement.

Our Vision

We partner with clients to create a mission and objectives.
We leverage Aadrika operational strategy skills to develop a strategy and business plan.
We help define success criteria and metrics to measure progress.