Aadrika Project Managers dig into the details of the project and take ownership of issues until they are resolved effectively.
We have experience providing Program and Project Management services to companies ranging from start-ups to global Fortune 50 companies. We believe that Program and Project Management is much more than creating standard templates and status reports. Instead, we listen to the needs of our partners and assist as required for the specific engagement.
Our consultants understand the project strategies and serve as true leaders for the project by motivating the team and making sure stakeholders understand the larger organizational goals behind the project. Our consultants understand the details and reasons behind each activity, rather than just asking for updates and status.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers coordinate, manage, and oversee a specific project. Many of our consultants are PMP (Project Management Professional) certified, and bring best practices along with a collaborative mindset that allow us to easily integrate into your project team.

Program/Project Management Office

We help companies start up a Project or Program Management Office (PgMO/PMO) by creating the strategy and structure that allows your company to benefit fully from the program. We implement policies, templates, and systems that help the PMO run smoothly. Whether the PMO is set up for the entire organization or for one project, we can manage the PMO and ensure it achieves the goals put in place during the strategy phase.