Mention shared services, and you will get some people excited, some people wondering, and many others nervous. Manage the change.Shared Services operating models, whether physically or virtually centralized, can bring much needed benefits in the continuous pursuit of margins and competitive advantages. They range from cost reductions to better servicing of the business lines to creating a scalable platform for growth. These benefits are the results of managed disruption and change––the key word being managed.The essence of shared services is to collect what are typically perceived as redundant backoffice or non-core functions within and across business lines, so the business can focus on its core competencies, and then place these functions into a centralized group of resources.This centralized

group is not only charged with operating in a service-oriented/customer-centric manner, but also elevating these services to unlock real near-term and strategic value.Whether you are beginning your Shared Services journey or are in the middle of the effort, Aadrika brings pragmatic and strategic thinking, comprehensive analysis and design, and thoughtful help in execution. Our people provide a perspective and expertise around the organizational considerations that will maximize not only your actual success, but your perceived success as well.

Shared Services Efforts

We bring a deep understanding of the little things that can go awry, especially around managing change and communication within the project team and across all stakeholders. We work with you in a trusted relationship to structure the effort so these challenges are handled, or avoided entirely, from the very beginning. We help you build consensus and market your success, while rigorously tracking project health and financials to plan. We help you get beyond the “if” and help you figure out the “how.”Shared services efforts can be challenging to those leading them, and those impacted by them, but they don’t need to be. With our experience and foresight, we help you minimize the pain and maximize the benefit and potential.