Technology is changing at a fast pace and companies continue to explore new ways of managing costs and enhancing productivity through innovative outsourcing strategies. Outsourcing helps these companies to focus on business priorities while the technology partner develop new platform for them to grow their business in the market. Aadrika Global Offers Advanced Information Technology Solutions To Its Clients To Help Them Address A Full Spectrum Of Customer Needs.

Our services help the companies to increase efficiency in day-to-day operations, reduce their costs and deliver best-in-class customer experience. Our services include:

Sales, customer care, technical support

Pre-sales inquiries, inbound sales, order to cash and cross sell

Order management and warranty support

Software installation and troubleshooting

Customer satisfaction measurement and enhancement

Partner management and product fulfillment services

Our Technology

We have been helping a number of companies across the globe to cater to customer needs and to help them provide superior experience to their customers. Our technology services include: